Knowing More About the Intricacies of Iron On Patches

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Iron-PatchesPatches can help offer an easy way to decorate your bag or your clothing within the shortest possible time. Some of the patches require sewing to place them on your clothing and other items made of cloth. The downside of these patches is the lengthy application time. Application is especially bothersome if you have numerous patches that you wish to attach. There are also the stick on patches. However, they do not last for too long.

If you want to go for both durability and ease of application, you need to opt for iron on patches.

When you look at patches in the store, it is important to check the back part of the package to tell the type of patch that you are about to buy.

  • First, turn your preferred patch over so you can check out the back part. Often, there is a label that will tell you if this is an iron on type or not. Carefully read the package. This is helpful if there is no way that you can directly touch the patch.
  • Next, examine the appearance of the back part of the iron on patches. If it appears like fabric, this is most likely a sew on type. If it appears slightly cloudy, this is most probably the iron on variety. You can also tell if it is an iron on type by firmly pressing on the back part of the patch. The iron on varieties typically have slightly sticky back parts.
  • Attempt to iron the patch on your clothes. If you really cannot tell whether the product is sew on or iron on, you should not waste your time sewing it. To do this, you have to set your iron to high setting. Once the metal surface begins to heat up, apply the iron on the spot where you want the patch to be. Place the patch on this area, cover this with cloth and run the iron on your clothing for around 30 seconds. As soon as you remove the cloth, you will see if the patch attaches to the surface of the cloth.

There are three main types of iron on patches that you can readily buy in the market.

  • Using iron on patches can help you get rid of the hassle of sewing patches on your garments. You may use these patches for events like commemoration of an achievement, displaying a hobby, starting a club, or simply celebrating an event.
  • Embroidered patches are the standard type of iron on patches. These are considered as the most typical kind of patches in the market.
  • Another type of patch is the woven kind. Woven patches are your best bets if you want to have patches with more details on them. The threads used for these patches are significantly thinner than those that you can find in the embroidered type. They can be just as colourful as the former type. Therefore, you can come up with intricate details if you decide to create your own woven patches.
  • On the other hand, dye sublimation matches are considered as the unique ones because these do not use thread for manufacturing. Instead, these are created by dying molecules inside the material. This will help you end up with patches with lots of intricate details that come in a lot of shades.

These are just some of the fundamental details that you have to know about these types of patches. Knowing more about the iron on patch variety can help you make sound choices if you ever decide to shop for them in the future.